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Our Mission

“To cultivate and deliver CBD and CBG flower that preserves the highest standard of quality and consistency to ensure an unprecedented experience.”


Cherry Wine
16.55% CBD

19.49% CBD

16.01% CBD

Special Sauce
20.14% CBD

“The best CBD I’ve had in a long time.” ~ Jennifer


Green Mountain Buds meets the regulatory standards set forth by the 2018 U.S. Farm Bill. Our growery is licensed and registered in the state of Vermont.


At Green Mountain Buds our flower third party tested for purity and potency. The results ensure quality and transparency so you can feel confident in our products. 


At Green Mountain Buds, we are committed to craft, in our grow, in our harvest, and in our products, ensuring quality above all. Our flower is intentionally limited; our care is personal to remain in pursuit of standards high enough to provide flower in a class of its own. Grown in an all-natural pesticide-free environment distinct to the Green Mountain State, our customers can trust in us to ensure only the most natural and high-quality CBD and CBG products. Green Mountain Buds is committed to delivering our customers an experience of confidence, knowing our products reflect a particular standard and belief.

Welcome to the Green Mountain State


At Green Mountain Buds, we strongly believe in the multi-use properties of cannabidoil. Our family’s personal experience with its restorative powers is the driving force behind our mission. We value quality and hold ourselves to the highest cultivating standards. 

Green Mountain Buds wants to be a brand our customers can trust to provide them with only the most natural and high-quality cannabidoil. That is why we focus our energy on growing our plants pesticide-free, using only sustainable farming methods.


Green Mountain Buds is committed to creating a balance between nature and farming – and with the utmost respect for the planet in mind – we have a very strict process for growing and harvesting our plants.

  • Seeds are grown in our greenhouse receiving a strict amount of light, organic fertilizer, water until they reach the vegetative state and are ready to be transplanted. 
  • Our soil is sampled and tested to ensure proper nutrients. It then receives thorough preparation through the use of sustainable farming methods.
  • The plants continue to receive the proper nutrients and care to ensure only the highest-quality CBD flower is harvested.

To Learn more about Green Mountain Buds fill out the information below or call us at (802) 387-0600.